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What types of drug dependency treatment is offered?

Answer: we provide opiate drug dependency treatment which includes treatment for Vicodin, fentanyl, OxyContin, codeine,morphine, heroin and other opiates.

What is the cost of your treatment program for opiate dependency?

Answer: Cost of the treatment program varies based on individual needs. Once you get into the maintenance phase of the program you will have a monthly office visit and drug testing fee. Other costs may include blood testing,additional drug tests and psychological service fees.

What is your duration of treatment for opioid dependence treatment?

Answer: the duration of an opiate dependency program varies based on individual needs and treatment outcomes. This program is not a short-term program. If a patient has been struggling with heroin for five years then the patient can anticipate five years of recovery and medical treatment. Treatment is for a medical condition (like diabetes or hypertension )and may be ongoing and continuous.

How can a patient pay for the opiate dependency treatment program?

Answer: payment is in cash or credit. No insurance payment is accepted even though a patient’s insurance usually covers their prescription cost.

Are patients required to submit to drug testing in your opiate dependency treatment program?

Answer: patients are required on a regular basis to submit to drug testing in order to verify they are taking the proper medications and are not substituting with other drugs. This is in compliance with the program and DEA guidelines.

Are there other requirements for opiate dependency treatment program?

Answer: other requirements for the treatment program include regular blood testing drug testing, additional rechecks and additional psychological services. If the patient is not compliant with the program requirements and financial obligations, the patient will be dismissed from the program. All program participants will be verified according to the state run MAPS program

How long our patients the treatment program for opiate dependency?

Answer: patients are treated according to their medical necessity. The duration of treatment depends on each individual patient.

If I’ve been in another program or have been in a methadone treatment program can I be in this clinical program?

Answer: patients are accepted into the Pear Tree Medical Clinic program even if they are from another program or a methadone program. Certain adjustment of medications may be needed for a transferred patient.