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Prevention Is Key

Federal Physicals

Pilot's FAA (1st, 2nd, and 3rd class), Immigrations physicals (USCIS), and DOT (truck driver certification).


Travel Consultations And Vaccinations

Yellow fever CDC official site.


Workplace Injury Care And Health Services

Full services in workers comp injury care, new hire services, drug testing, audiograms, IME's, disability exams, and other related services.

PTMC offers unique health services that promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact us.


Insurance Policy

Due to healthcare and insurance regulations and billing compliance, PTMC will no longer accept private insurance for services rendered(excludes Workers Comp Insurance). Most prescriptions will still be covered under a patient's insurance policy.


Payment Policy

All fee-for-service and self-pay bills are due at the time of service unless previous payment arrangements are made.

No personal checks accepted.